Fi Capital and Starname unite efforts to bridge the crypto economy with traditional real estate

  • On July 2, 2021

Launching first in Miami, international crypto-holders will be able to invest in real estate in South Florida using their crypto-currencies with an advanced technological and compliant process. 

Miami, July 2, 2021 — Fi Capital INC., a Miami based real estate investment firm announced today that it would provide unprecedented access to Florida commercial real estate using digital currencies to its investors all over the world. 

Using Starname technology, Fi Capital stated that it is now able to meet the needs of its international investors willing to deploy their fast growing crypto-currency holdings into real estate.

“We have been in the real estate business in Florida for almost 17 years, syndicating several hundreds of investors and counting more than 1000 real estate transactions. Today, we are responding to the new demand from investors in the blockchain sector to be able to invest seamlessly in secured and well performing real estate projects with digital currencies. Using the Starname and its domain name technology, we can provide transparent transactions and human readable value addresses to investors while combining advanced traceability and AML process.” Commented David Amsallem, director of Fi Capital. 

The Market
The number of large cryptocurrency holders in the world is growing very fast and a lot of companies in the blockchain industry are looking for solutions to invest in tangible assets and most importantly reduce the risk and volatility of their assets. Like traditional investors, crypto-holders (companies and individuals) are actively looking to take place on this market. Real estate is and will stay the number one asset class to deploy any kind of capital. 

Fi Capital provides tangible and volatility-proof investments generating passive income through rents as well as capital gains through value creation and market evolution.

How it works
Fi Capital offers international crypto-investors the ability to participate in its real estate syndications using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or stablecoins.
The company collects the crypto currencies and sets up the entire compliance structure including an AML process, a KYC and KYB as well as an advanced traceability of transactions. The funds are then turned into US dollars with the help of brokers and specialized banking partners in the US and then deployed in the real estate market the same way Fi Capital has always done it. Starname technology is used in the process to identify and name assets during transactions.

Why Florida?
“Florida was our first choice at the time because of their pro-business mindset, low taxation and will to innovate and attract the best entrepreneurs. Today our choice is paying big : in a post COVID world, Florida has become by far the most attractive state in the US and people move there every day from New York and Silicon Valley. It has also become a trendsetter in the blockchain industry. Banks, lawyers and brokers are getting more and more used to real estate crypto-transactions making it the number one place in the world to deploy digital currencies into the traditional economy.” added Amsallem. 

“We are extremely proud that Starname technology is being used to bring more transparency, security and access to an industry such as real estate. This partnership with Fi Capital is the pledge of real trust in our product and a strong use case for the future of our chain. We believe that this partnership is essential for our company’s mission of simplifying access to the blockchain and bringing access to the world’s values to all.” concluded Karim Ganem, CEO at Starname.