Opened to crypto investors

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FI Capital 23

Coming soon- BTC & ETH Accepted

This project will be opened to crypto investors.

Minimum investment size : $250K
Duration : 5 years

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FI Capital 22

Funded - $3.2M Raised

Oasis Apartments is a 10-unit apartment building located in the northern portion of Miami Beach. Acquired at a discount, we expect to double the rents in the next months.

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FI Capital 21

Funded - $2.1M Raised

After full renovations and a failed attemp to operate its property as an Airbnb, the seller was forced by the current crisis to sell this West Palm Beach at a very attractive price.

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FI Capital 20

Funded- $2M Raised

The first asset of this syndication, located in Miami, was acquired in cash 15-20% below market value, making it a great way to secure investors capital.

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FI Capital 19

Funded- $1.2M Raised

In the heart of Pompano Beach, this building was acquired fully occupied and significantly discounted at the beginning of the COVID crisis.

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FI Capital 18

Closed - Exit Done

Facing the Fort Lauderdale Country Club, this property is like no other. Acquired fully occupied in Aug 2019, it was the team’s favorite property until the exit last April.